Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Attic cleanout

We are cleaning out an attic since yesterday. Cleaning out what you ask? This time its mostly soiled insulation but there are few things about this one that make it blog worthy.

We entered the attic roof side which means we went in through a vent by removing it. On entry I noticed a few pieces of what could only be the remains of a squirrel.  Next up was the fecal matter. These cigar shaped turds could only be the work of a Raccoon.  The crap was piled up in its usual manner but on closer inspection I noticed something in it that was obviously a seasonal diet - no it wasn't squirrel it was pumpkin seeds!
I guess the raccoon had got his hands on or should I say in a pumpkin. 

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raccoon Removal in New Orleans

Raccoon removal in New Orleans is an unusual type of blog, but hey not everybody has a raccoon on their roof here in new orleans either!
I will from time to time up date this when I find some unusual raccoon item or issue from around New Orleans.
Raccoons peeing in your attic? Leaving you presents on your lawn? I can help with that and perhaps through my documentation help others.
For some interesting links on raccoon removal try calling this guy. Charles Parker